Rob Gronkowski advances in Madden cover voting via the Gallagher technique

Shutdown Corner

I'm against the idea of the fans voting on the Madden cover, because I am against anything that ever forced me to have a picture of Peyton Hillis in my home. But at least this year Rob Gronkowski is involved, and therefore, it cannot be boring.

Gronk was set to square off against Jared Allen in the round of 16, and made this hype video in advance of the matchup.

Boomshakalaka, indeed. The voting went as Gronk expected. He advanced, and Jared Allen is not a busted watermelon in a dirty hotel parking lot. Gallagher would be proud. Here's the rest of the bracket, as it currently stands, via ESPN's SportsNation.

Gronk has a tougher matchup in the quarterfinals against Megatron, who, for some reason, was harshly disrespected as a six-seed. Gronkowski gets the official endorsement of Shutdown Corner, but we'd also accept votes for Aaron Rodgers as the best player available, or Cam Newton as the coolest and most marketable. Or Calvin Johnson, because he's a beast. Or hell, we don't care. At least it's not going to be Peyton Hillis again.


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