Road rage at the root of Elvis Dumervil’s arrest

Yesterday, we told you about Elvis Dumervil's arrest for felony assault; the Denver Broncos defensive end was taken into police custody on Saturday night and later released on $7,500 bond. We didn't have any other information at the time, beyond nebulous statements from the Broncos and Dumervil's attorney. On Monday, the events of the incident became clearer.

According to Mike Klis of the Denver Post, Dumervil was involved in a road rage confrontation at roughly 5 p.m. Saturday evening in Miami Beach. Dumervil and friend Andy Auguste stepped out of Dumervil's Land Rover on Collins Avenue, approached the accusers in the white Impala in front of them, and lifted their shirts to display guns.

Per the police report obtained by the Post, Dumervil was driving, following a gray Mercedes, and the driver of the Impala merged in-between the two cars. Honking and name-calling ensued, and when traffic came to a stop, Dumervil and Auguste left their cars to provide a more physical and tangible threat. According to a witness, someone in the Impala threw something that stuck Dumervil's Land Rover.

When police arrived, traffic was still at a standstill. Dumervil was ordered out of his car at gunpoint, and an officer asked if he had a gun in his car. He stated no but police subsequently found a gun in his glove compartment. Dumervil was arrested and his car was towed.

Dumervil was charged with assault and disturbing the peace following an altercation with a parking attendant at Sports Authority Field at Mile High (the Broncos' home stadium) in 2010, but all charges were eventually dropped. The Post's Monday report also revealed that Dumervil has pleaded guilty in six different traffic incidents since 2006. Those charges include speeding more than 20 miles per hour over the speed limit and driving with a suspended license.

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