Rick Reilly used Twitter to compare Tom Brady’s ‘overthrows’ to Somalia (really)

Kevin Kaduk
Shutdown Corner

Oh, Rick Reilly. When ESPN's highly-compensated writer isn't plagiarizing himself, being fooled by satirical news sites or misquoting his Native American father-in-law, he's busy thinking of one-liners that fall juuussst a bit short of being funny or clever.

Reilly's comedic attempts are usually easy to ignore, but one joke he tweeted out on Sunday veered into the "did he really just write that?" category. After Tom Brady and his receivers failed to hook up on a few big throws during the AFC championship against the Denver Broncos, Reilly compared Brady's performance to Somali politics.

Because, you know, nothing presents a better opportunity for a joke than a starving African nation defined by its warlords and pirates.

Given ESPN's reluctance to reprimand Reilly, it's unlikely anything will come of this awful attempt at humor. And he probably shouldn't be punished anyway. The only thing he really hurt with his ignorance and tone-deaf approach was his own reputation.

Still, the people of Twitter quickly lined up to point out everything that was wrong with Reilly's "joke":

It's funny. Back during his prime at Sports Illustrated, Reilly would have been a top choice when it came to giving one sports writer an unlimited amount of time and access to write a profile or feature.

But now, in the year 2014, there's no one who can make you cringe more with just a few seconds and 140 characters.

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