Richie Incognito reportedly bashed his own Ferrari with a bat

Richie Incognito owns a Ferrari, and he took a baseball bat to it while it was parked in his front yard.

Sadly, we're getting to the point with Incognito where that story isn't even really all that surprising.

Incognito, the Dolphins guard who was suspended from the team and was blasted in Ted Wells' report for his harassment of teammate Jonathan Martin, has a history of erratic behavior. We've seen that in the Wells Report from the sudden shifts in tone of his text conversations with Martin. His Twitter feed, which is full of sudden rants and quick backtracking, has been another window. For example, he seemed to fire his agents on Twitter and then shortly after he tweeted that he would never fire them. Perhaps it's all an inside joke, but it's strange to see.

TMZ reported that Incognito bashed his Ferrari. The car was in front of his house, didn't appear to be parked in a driveway, and had plenty of dents in the hood. TMZ published a photo of a bat right next to the car. TMZ talked to Scottsdale Police Department, who said Incognito told them he was the one who hit the car with the bat. What would possess someone to damage his own expensive sports car?

Incognito is dealing with a lot. He was publicly shredded over the Martin issue. He's still in his playing prime at age 30, a top-end offensive guard, but is a free agent and even if the NFL doesn't suspend him, it's far from a guarantee that any team would want to sign him after everything that has happened.

Incognito's chances of latching on again might have rested on him having a nice, quiet offseason and doing the best he could to put the Martin mess behind him. Knocking around his Ferrari with a bat isn't exactly nice and quiet.

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