Richard Sherman scolds Seahawks fans for throwing food at NaVorro Bowman

Let's be clear: Whoever threw what looked like popcorn at 49ers linebacker NaVorro Bowman is a jerk. And if it was multiple people who did it, they're all awful.

That doesn't make all Seahawks fans terrible people. But surely they don't feel good that one of their own did it.

After Bowman's leg buckled in a truly horrible way on a fourth-quarter play, he was carted off the field. It was a terrible sight to see. Bowman is a three-time first-team All-Pro linebacker, perhaps the best linebacker in football. He reportedly tore his ACL on the play and faces a long road back.

And someone, as Bowman was carted back to the locker room, in mental and physical pain surely, seemingly threw food at him. Terrible. You can see it on this post by Larry Brown Sports and in the TV screen shot above by @Justin_King on Twitter.

Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman, who has been the talk of social media from the moment he patted Michael Crabtree on the butt, gave a choke sign to 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick and conducted a very fired-up postgame interview, took time in his lively column to rightfully lecture whoever was responsible.

"One thing I can’t accept is what I read after the game about Seahawks fans throwing food at 49ers linebacker Navorro Bowman as he was being carted off the field with his knee injury," Sherman wrote on "If it’s true, it’s beyond terrible. That’s as low as it gets. I’m sure whoever did this is in a small minority of fans, because I don’t think that kind of action is an accurate representation of the character of the 12th man. Navorro Bowman is a great player who plays the game the right way. When he went down, I dropped to a knee and prayed for him. He deserves better than having food thrown at him as he’s carted off a field. All players deserve better than that."

Couldn't agree more with everything he said. It was horrible and not an accurate portrayal of all Seahawks fans.

OK, now that that's over, we can go back to debating if Sherman is the biggest villain in sports because of his postgame antics. Carry on.

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