Richard Sherman is just going to go offsides on extra points until he gets away with it

In Madden video games, you have the ability to just run around on the other side of the field and take a ridiculous offsides penalty, something you never see in an actual NFL games.

Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman decided to try it out in real life.

During an odd sequence in the third quarter of the NFC playoff game between the Seahawks and Falcons, Sherman ran offsides on consecutive extra points for some mysterious reason.

After the Falcons took a 26-7 lead on Jason Snelling's touchdown, Sherman blocked an extra point. It seemed crazy that Sherman got there so quick, and there was a reason. He just decided to run offsides well before the snap. It was a funny moment, and the loquacious Sherman even seemed to have a joke for Falcons kicker Matt Bryant on his way back to the defensive side of the ball as the teams got reset for another extra point try.

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And then ... Sherman ran offsides again well before the snap. He didn't block it the second time and the Falcons just declined the penalty.

It's hard to figure out exactly what Sherman was doing. Maybe he temporarily lost his mind. Unless he's just really bad at anticipating snap counts.

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