Richard Seymour is not a cheater, says noted expert on cheating

A day after Chargers center Nick Hardwick called him a dirty (expletive)ing (expletive), Richard Seymour has defended himself against Hardwick's accusations of foot-stomping, head-slapping, and back-punching.

"I thought [Hardwick's comments were] classless, but I also understand he was hurt and frustrated. He's a grown man, and grown men usually try to own up to what happened and not rub it in, taking a loss like a man.

"We were into it the whole game. I just wasn't taking any stuff. All of it came between the whistles. Me, I'm not going to go to the media and talk bad about someone. I take pride in not crying to the media about what goes on in the line of play. If I want to say something about that, I'm going to handle it on the field. There's no battle of words, but you can't attack my character."

Head coach Bill Belichick chimed in to protect his player, too.

"I'm surprised. That's the last thing I would say about Richard."

All due respect to Belichick, but you'll have to forgive me if I don't see him as the clear, definitive voice on fair play in the NFL. Belichick saying you're clean is kind of like Bill Romanowski vouching for you as a drug-free and kindhearted man.

Anyway, I wish this whole thing wouldn't have happened. Watching Sunday's game, I was actually shocked at how sportsmanlike it was. Guys were patting each other's helmets, helping people up after plays, there was a minimum of trash talking, etc. For a game that involved Rodney Harrison, it was exceptionally clean.

And then Hardwick had to open his mouth, and now it's, "Waaah, he did this," and "Waaah, no I didn't." It'd be nice to play one of these games without having to hear afterwards about who's classy and who isn't.

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