RGIII gave Jay Leno a pair of socks, then laughed heartily at his jokes (VIDEO)

Chris Chase
Shutdown Corner

Robert Griffin III was at ease in a Thursday appearance on "The Tonight Show," riffing with host Jay Leno, playfully teasing guest Hugh Laurie ("House") and revealing that two massage chairs will be his first big purchase with his NFL money.

In the first clip, Griffin talks about his marriage proposal and gives Leno and Laurie a gift. I don't know whether Griffin was fed the line about House's tie or whether he ad-libbed it, but it was impeccably timed and perfectly delivered either way. /swoon

Yes, his adidas shirt says "Don't be Trippin."

In the next clip (which is actually the first clip chronologically), Griffin talks about his socks, his biggest game and gives a shout out to military families.

I'm a little worried that RGIII may not be totally genuine. It's not because of his pitch-perfect stories or All-American upbringing or his wits, charisma and smile, but because he laughs a little too hard at Leno's jokes. Like way too hard.

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