RGIII fan sings RGIII song to RGIII at training camp

You gotta love Washington Redskins fans, if nothing else for their unending optimism in the face of gloom on every side. Sure, the team stinks, the owner can't get out of his own way, and the team name is the bullseye of a debate on racial sensitivity in America, but hey: we got RGIII!

As the team's training camp in Richmond, Va. wound down, a fan took it upon himself to start a little Redskins-themed chant while on the sidelines. That's not unusual. But, as they say on the clickbait-hungry Internet, you won't believe what happened next:

Yep, Robert Griffin III his own self came over to enjoy a personal serenade, and even danced a bit to the tune:

Here, via the Washington Post, is a transcription of the apparent lyrics of this tune:

Haillllll, to the Redskins!

Haiilllll RGIII.


Put a touchdown on the board;

Alfred Morris he’ll be the one-ne who scored.

Fight fight fight (fight fight fight), fight fight fight (fight fight fight),

Fight fight fight (fight fight fight), fight fight fight (fight fight fight).

Catchy, no? Let's hope Dan Snyder doesn't decide to sue this composer for illegal use of copyrighted terms. You know it's a possibility.

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