RG3 smacks some guy in the ribs with a bat

Quarterbacks need good rib protection from defenses that would like nothing better than to snack on those ribs like they were barbecued. Enter EvoShield, rib protection for the discerning yet injury-prone quarterback. To test their product, the EvoShield folks consulted with Robert Griffin III for a little up-close investigation.

The EvoShield passed. But what about Griffin himself? Let's analyze his form. We consulted with baseball expert Dave Brown of our own Big League Stew for a scouting report:

"Good bat twirl," Brown said. "Comfortable. Natural. Nice follow-through. Eyes on the target. Textbook." Brown also compared his drop-hand swing to that of two-time All-Star Eric Davis. The consensus? "Could be an infielder, could be an enforcer for the mob."

While it's highly unlikely Griffin will ever get hit in the ribs with a bat during a game, it's good to know he's protected ... and that he's got some fallback skills if this football thing doesn't work out.

[NFL-regulation visor tip to FTW.]

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