This RG3 shirt makes an early case for worst souvenir of the entire season

Holy jumpin' Rypiens, this is a terrible shirt.

Spotted by a reader of the Washington Post's DC Sports Bog (via The Big Lead), this two-faced atrocity features Robert Griffin III and a Native American straight from Stereotype Junction. Neither half looks very happy to be on the shirt, and chances are the Redskins won't take too kindly to this unlicensed beauty either.

[Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football is open for business]

What is it with RG3 and the split-screens? Check out this monstrosity, which is actually a licensed Nike product:

Yeesh. And that'll set you back $150. The NFL tends to be a little more button-down than college football when it comes to catchy outerwear, but both of these would definitely qualify for what our pals at Puck Daddy have dubbed Jersey Fouls.

Seen a ridiculous item of fan swag? Send us the photographic evidence at or on Twitter at @jaybusbee. We'll run the "best" in a future story. As you can see already, though, you've already got a high bar to clear.

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