Rex Ryan 'knows' that the Jets will win Super Bowl XLVI

You're not going to believe this, but New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan has expressed a great deal of confidence in his football team.

While taking in a Knicks game over the weekend, Rex offered up his prediction for next season (should it exist).

The Gang Green coach told the [New York] Post "there's no way we don't get it done next year," and said to MSG's Jill Martin at halftime that "next year I know we'll win it."

Hey, why not? In his first two years on the job, Rex has been to two AFC Championship games. Clearly, his "Look how great we are!" strategy is effective.

If he wants to wake up every day and predict that Mark Sanchez(notes) will win 11 Super Bowls, a Nobel Prize for mathematics and the Grammy for best new female artist, then he can go right ahead. His previous two predictions of Jets Super Bowl victories (this is kind of an annual tradition for him) have come up short, but hey, calling Super Bowl winners is difficult.

Not everyone agrees with Rex, of course. The NFL Network's Charles Davis(notes) believes that the Jets will be one of the teams to slip out of the playoffs in 2012, and Vegas will tell you that the Jets have about a one in sixteen chance of winning the whole enchilada.

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