Rex Ryan gets while the getting’s good, leaves town without talking to media, fans

Run, Rex, run!

You didn't think the NFL's greatest reigning dumpster fire would just flicker and die at the end of the season, did you? No, the New York Jets remain the gift that keeps on giving, even after they've stumbled into the offseason. The New York Daily News has reported that Jets head coach Rex Ryan, who managed to "Matrix"-style dodge the firing axe that claimed so many of his colleagues on Black Monday, has skipped town.

All right, "skipped town" sounds bad. But Ryan, who's never met a microphone he hasn't tried to install into his Wildcat offense, has been unexpectedly silent on the end of the season, the firings of GM Mike Tannenbaum and (apparently) Tony Sparano, and so much more. Moreover, he apparently left New Jersey completely, missing both a scheduled press conference and a radio interview. (A Deadspin tipster reports seeing Ryan in the Bahamas, so there you go.)

The Jets have announced that Ryan and team owner Woody Johnson will speak on Tuesday, Jan. 8, which technically is in violation of the NFL's policy requiring top officials to talk to the media within a week of the end of the season. "The purpose is to respond to fan interest in the conclusion of the team's season," according to the NFL's media policy.

We're not even going to speculate on where Rex went or why nobody from the Jets decided to speak to the media, but if we did, the phrase "maybe everyone will forget everything that just happened" would figure prominently in our theory. And we can't get too upset about the Jets violating the league's end-of-season media policy, either. But considering how horrendous the Jets' season ended up, it's just perfect that they'd manage to screw up the last official act of the year, too.

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