Rex Ryan to appear on upcoming episode of 'CSI: New York'

New York Jets coach Rex Ryan will appear with general manager Mike Tannenbaum on an upcoming episode of "CSI: New York." The two were in Los Angeles on Wednesday to film their scene.

The episode will air in the spring. So far, there's no word on how Ryan and Tannenbaum will be used on the show, but shame on the writers if they pass up the opportunity to have Rex lend his expertise toward examining some sort of footprint.

As seen in the picture at right (courtesy @LAflak), Ryan and Tannenbaum will have some lines in the episode, which must make network censors a little nervous. There's still no cursing allowed on CBS, right?

With the speaking role, Ryan will one-up the last Jets coach who made a cameo on a popular television drama. When Eric Mangini appeared on "The Sopranos" he didn't get to utter a single line:

Hopefully this will lead to other Jets getting involved in television series. With "Jon and Kate Plus 8" off the air, TLC could totally use Antonio Cromartie(notes) in some sort of spin-off.