Revis still the fastest ... just not on the field

In 2009, there may not have been a faster man on any NFL field (Chris Johnson excepted) than New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis(notes). Week after week, he took the game's biggest and best burners and shut them down completely. And though he is currently recovering from a hamstring injury that kept him off the field for two games and limited him last Monday night against the Vikings, Revis is still zooming by just about everyone else.

Problem is, he's now doing it on America's highways and byways.

According to the Associated Press, Revis was ticketed Friday morning for driving 80 mph in a 40-mph zone on the Eisenhower Parkway in New Jersey as he was on his way to a team meeting at the Jets' facilities. Revis was recognized by the officer who stopped him, but says that he will not fight the ticket.

"I mean, I'm not a speedster," Revis said. "I don't do that. I was a little late for work and I was just trying to get here to work. You face the consequences when you speed and that's what happens ... I'm a citizen, so I've got to follow the rules as well as everybody else."

Jets head coach Rex Ryan was not impressed by his star cornerback's new need for speed. "We can all take notice of it," Ryan told the media. "Obviously, you've got to slow down. He was running late, that's not an excuse. You'd hate to see him or anybody be careless where you put somebody else at risk, put yourself at risk, and that's a reminder for all of us."

Ryan had most likely figured out that most self-appointed moralists and ethical experts (yes, we mean you, Mr. Dungy) will tack this onto the team's eventful season off the field and use it as just another example of Ryan's inability to impose the people discipline. But -- and this is in no way excusing Revis putting himself and others in danger -- if Ryan really ran such a loose ship, why would Revis have been busting his butt trying to get to that meeting on time?

Revis is currently listed as questionable for the Jets' next contest in Denver. It will be Ryan's decision as to whether Revis plays (he was probably back too soon against the Vikings) against Kyle Orton(notes) and the NFL's most dynamic passing offense. We assume that others will handle the transportation to the Mile High City.

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