Reviewing Eli Manning’s appearance on ‘Saturday Night Live’ (VIDEO)

Chris Chase
Shutdown Corner

Shutdown Corner takes you through Eli Manning's appearance on "Saturday Night Live." The show itself wasn't very good and Manning was a little wooden in his performance, but he acquitted himself well for an athlete/first-time host. While the show lacked the iconic moment that Peyton or Joe Montana had in their hosting gigs, Eli avoided a Michael Phelps-like disaster.


Eli talks about "his" New York, which features trips across the Hudson to eat at the Olive Garden, walking slowly with husky kids in Times Square and making up for the closing of "Cats" by going to pet stores and listening to the soundtrack on his iPod.

Motion Capture*

Eli tries to come up with his own version of Tebowing for "Madden 13." His touchdown moves include cradling a baby and dribbling a basketball. Worth watching for the appearance by Ray Lewis, who looks like he's let himself go in the offseason.

[Also: Grandma tries out for Dallas Cowboys cheerleader job]

Text Message Evidence*

Eli is convincing as a witness who uses text messages, search history and pictures with a banana penis to get off a murder charge.

Little Brothers*

In the sequel to Peyton's famed "SNL" sketch, Eli runs a service for little brothers tormented by their older siblings. The night's first and only Peyton joke hits well.

[Video: Eli Manning pokes fun at his status among New York's QBs]

Herb Welch: Occupy Movement

Eli plays a member of the 99 percent in his biggest acting reach of the night.

What Is This?

An unfunny sketch.

Helga Lately

About as amusing as the show it parodies.

Miss Drag World

You know those sketches that air after the second musical performance? No? There's a reason for that. This one follows the tried and true comedy rule: If you don't have anything, throw a dude in drag.

TCM Comedy: Cheech and Chong

This sketch could have definitely used a Nate Newton joke.

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