Report: Vick spent his first night of freedom at a strip club

Carrying out a time-honored tradition among ex-cons on their first day of freedom, Michael Vick reportedly spent his first evening as a free man knee-deep in strippers, alongside pal Allen Iverson.

The report comes from The Big Lead, who called the strip club and spoke to a DJ at a spot called Atlantis in Virginia Beach. From TBL:

After getting a tip from a reader Wednesday, and seeing this post at YBF saying the same thing, we called the club half a dozen times until we were able to get someone on the phone tonight around 10:15 pm. “Monday’s are crazy here, it’s amateur night, and it’s packed,” said the DJ, who did not to be quoted. He checked with a few of the dancers about whether or not Vick and Iverson were present Monday and said, “yup, both of them were here. It’s the first place I’d want to go as a free man, too.”

If true, this isn't something to be held against Vick. I know it doesn't sound good, and I'll grant you, other than an actual dogfight, a strip club's probably the easiest place for a recently-released guy to get in trouble.

But on the other hand, you know ... there are unclothed women in there. In the pen, it's nothing but the fellas. The day that a man who was locked up for two years cannot go out and pay to see some lady parts is the day I no longer want to call myself an American.

Going to a strip club is not illegal. It doesn't make anyone a bad person. Most people are not Pacman Jones, and can go to a strip club without having to seek legal counsel the next morning.

Most importantly, going to a strip club has absolutely nothing to do with whether or not Michael Vick(notes) is truly remorseful about what he did. If Roger Goodell were to hold this against him, in my opinion, it would make Goodell not only unreasonable and unnecessarily hard on Vick, but also in violation of all sorts of man codes.

Update: Michael Vick has denied the report, saying he was out of town and that a strip club was "the last place on my mind".

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