Report: Tom Cable has a history of hitting women

ESPN's Outside the Lines aired a report this morning in which one ex-wife and one ex-girlfriend accused Oaklaind Raiders head coach Tom Cable of domestic violence.

Marie Lutz, who was dating Cable in January of 2009, described an incident in which Cable slapped her while driving to a restaurant. Ex-wife Sandy Cable says that in 1988, Tom Cable hit her with a closed-fist punch to the jaw. She also showed ESPN this hand-written letter from Cable in which he writes, "Ever since that day I hit you, I've felt like we haven't been as close, like that put a void between us."

Here's the report.

Cable's been in the news recently for an incident involving former assistant coach Randy Hanson. Hanson accused Cable of breaking his jaw and threatening to kill him, though police chose not to pursue charges.

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