Report: Sneaky Favre had shoulder surgery on the sly

The latest word in the Brett Favre(notes) saga comes from ESPN, and they're citing a couple of anonymous sources in a report that Favre had surgery on his throwing shoulder sometime in May. Presumably, that surgery would be for the purpose of playing this season, but no other information is readily available on the exact nature of the surgery, if it was successful, or a timetable for recovery.

That is, if it happened. Here's the last paragraph of the ESPN report.

ESPN reported on May 14 that Favre had consulted with Andrews regarding his arm and the surgical and non-surgical options. The St. Paul Pioneer Press reported on May 18 that Favre was having surgery by Andrews that week; a source told ESPN that no surgery was scheduled. The specific date of Favre's recent surgery is unknown, except that it occurred last month.

So, you know, let's keep that in mind.

But for the sake of offseason discussion, though, let's assume that the report is true and that the surgery did occur. Clearly, it's an indication that Favre wants to come back, and it would also seem to indicate that the Vikings are perfectly willing to wait as long as they have to for Favre to make a decision.

What about the surgery itself? Was a faulty shoulder the reason Favre seemed to melt down at the end of the season? Might this make an '09 Vikings version of Favre more effective than the '08 Jets version? And why not just let the shoulder heal on its own? Did the shoulder start to heal on its own, then change its mind, then start to heal on its own again, and then shut back down again?

Let's all just face it. It's going to happen. If Favre wants to return badly enough to have his shoulder sliced up, then he wants to return pretty damn badly. And if that's the case, nothing's going to stop him. I don't care if the doctors opened him up and found that his right shoulder contained no actual human tissue and was instead stuffed with the denim remnants of all the Wrangler jeans he's cut off, Favre's still going to be out there.

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