Report: ‘Saturday Night Live’ wants Tim Tebow to host

Chris Chase

A report on says "Saturday Night Live" wants Tim Tebow to host the show once the NFL season concludes.

Oh, you think? A television show with ratings that rise and fall depending on its guest host wants the nation's most-buzzed athlete to appear on it? The hell you say!

You know who also wants a piece of Tebow? Letterman, Leno, "The Daily Show," CNN, Fox News, "Anderson," women over the age of 45, Oprah's network, Barbara Walters, whatever that Brian Williams show on NBC is called, the Grammys, the Golden Globes, the Boy Scouts, the Girl Scouts, gender-neutral scouts, the casting director working on "Expendables 2" and everyone running for president next year. I'm half-surprised Kim Jong-il didn't leave power to him.

Everyone wants to be in the Tebow business, whether it be for a television show, an interview, an endorsement or merely to bask in his heavenly glow. He's going to be stretched so thin once the season ends he's going to look like Al Roker when it's all said and done.