Report: Ravens tackle Bryant McKinnie owes Trick Daddy’s dad $375,000 in strip club bills

We don't know if it's possible to top that headline, but here goes.

According to a report from NBC's Miami affiliate, Baltimore Ravens offensive tackle Bryant McKinnie is the defendant in a lawsuit filed by Charles "Pop" Young, the father of rap star Trick Daddy. Young filed the suit in Miami's Dade County as a result of $375,000 allegedly owed by McKinnie when the player racked up huge tabs at strip clubs owned by Young.

"In the past we discussed this amount listed above once the NFL season starts and I began receiving my payroll checks. I hereby promise to speak to Mr. Young about this matter by October 5, 2010 and make arrangements to have this balance paid in full by December 1, 2010," McKinnie reportedly wrote in a promissory note on October 1, 2010.

McKinnie had his 2012 salary reduced from $3.2 million in base salary to $1 million less, though he could make the difference back through incentives. Before he agreed to the pay cut, the veteran was on the verge of going elsewhere. He's been used by the Ravens mostly in a reserve role through this season, playing just 39 snaps so far, per our own Brian McIntyre.

If the allegations are true, this wouldn't be the first time McKinnie has found himself in financial trouble. He is involved in another lawsuit based on a $4.5 million loan he took out during the 2011 lockout.

McKinnie, a one-time Pro Bowler selected in the first round of the 2002 NFL draft by the Minnesota Vikings out of Miami, refuted the allegation.

"I got no papers, I was never served," McKinnie told The Baltimore Sun in a telephone interview. "I just called my lawyer about this because this is a bogus story. I just read the article. He was working at those places and he's tried to borrow money from me. People can put anything out there. What strip club gives you a $375,000 tab? It just sounds stupid to me. I've never heard of this in my life. This is bogus to me. For it to be even reported is stupid to me.

"You could never run up a tab like that."

Well, maybe you could. McKinnie was also said to have dropped more than $100,000 on a bar tab in February 2011.

As far as his responsibility gap -- well, let's just say that McKinnie doesn't have the greatest history. He was booted off the 2010 Pro Bowl roster (a roster he never should have made in the first place based on performance) for missing practices during the week, and the Vikings released him in 2011 when conditioning issues caused him to balloon up to nearly 400 pounds.

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