Report: Prosecutors zeroing in on Hernandez for 2012 killings

The Boston Globe is reporting that Suffolk County prosecutors are pushing forward with their intention to charge former New England Patriot Aaron Hernandez with two murders in Boston last summer. The case is now before a grand jury, so all proceedings are secret, but the Globe quotes a source knowledgeable with the matter as saying that “The case against Hernandez appears to be strengthening.”

Early in the morning of July 16, 2012, Safiro Furtado and Daniel Abreu were killed by shots coming from an SUV with Rhode Island plates. Boston police drew a connection between Hernandez and the two shooting deaths after Hernandez was under investigation for the June 17, 2013 death of Odin Lloyd.

The Globe indicates that law enforcement officials believe Hernandez shot Lloyd in an industrial park because he was concerned Lloyd might air information about the 2012 deaths of Furtado and Abreu. However, there is no timetable with charging Hernandez with the 2012 homicides, as he is already being held without bail.

In Massachusetts, a grand jury must indict an individual on a charge of murder before a case can proceed. Only a majority of the 23-member grand jury must decide that there is enough probable cause to send the case to trial; the standard is not "beyond a reasonable doubt," and the defense does not have an opportunity to present its case.

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