Report: Police believe Aaron Hernandez destroyed surveillance system, cellphone

Brian McIntyre
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According to ABC News, Massachusetts State police have obtained a warrant to search the North Attleboro, Mass. home of New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez based on evidence that the 23-year-old intentionally destroyed the sophisticated security system that guarded his $1.3 million home.

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In addition to the damaged security system, a cellphone belonging to Hernandez was also turned over to investigators "in pieces" by his attorney. Another circumstance that has raised alarm bells with authorities is that Hernandez allegedly hired "a team of house cleaners" on Monday.

Reports surfaced on Thursday were that Hernandez's arrest in connection to the homicide was imminent, however, Wesley Lowery of the Boston Globe reports that those reports were untrue. ABC News reports that police are not calling Hernandez a suspect, but add that he is not yet in the clear.

Hernandez has emerged as a central figure in the police's investigation into the murder of Odin Lloyd, a 27-year-old native of Dorchester, Mass., who was found late Monday afternoon by a teenage jogger in a clearing in an industrial park that is located less than a mile from Hernandez's home. Lloyd, who played semi-pro football for the Boston Bandits, reportedly dated the sister of Hernandez's girlfriend and was reportedly with Hernandez at a nightclub in Boston at some point over the weekend.

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There are conflicting reports as to which weekend night the two men were together at that club. Multiple reports had Hernandez and Lloyd together on Sunday night, however, ABC News reports that the two were at the club on Friday night into Saturday morning. ABC News reports that police believe that Lloyd was killed between 1 a.m. and 6 a.m. on Monday. Lloyd's body was not discovered until 5:30 p.m. ET on Monday.

Hernandez has been connected to the case by three Enterprise rental cars that are registered in his name. One vehicle was recovered near Lloyd's body. The second vehicle was "abruptly" returned on Tuesday to an Enterprise rental location in Boston with a side mirror knocked off. Police have combed the area in search for the missing side mirror. A third vehicle attempted to pull out of Hernandez's driveway on Tuesday before it was stopped and the two occupants of that vehicle were questioned and released. Police also conducted a search of that vehicle.

While the media has staked out his home, Hernandez's white Audi SUV was followed by multiple news helicopters when he left his house and reported to Gillette Stadium. The Patriots have concluded their offseason workouts, and no coaches are believed to be present at their headquarters, which raised questions as to why Hernandez went to the stadium on Thursday. Hernandez is coming off shoulder surgery, so it's possible, if not likely, that he was receiving treatment.

The camera crews followed Hernandez on his way out of Gillette Stadium, with the media approaching his vehicle while he refueled at a local gas station. Instead of returning home, Hernandez drove into Boston, entering a parking garage on Boylston Street near Copley Square at 1:15 p.m. ET. Hernandez's attorney, Michael Fee, is with Ropes and Gray, who are located on Boylston Street.

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