Report: Patriots ask Rob Gronkowski to stop being so Gronk

Shutdown Corner

Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski enjoys a good party. He is, as the old saying goes, fiesta. He makes no secret of his love of a good time, and he is not shy around television cameras.

Maybe not so much anymore. The Boston Globe quotes a league source as saying that the Patriots would like for Gronk to stop being so Gronk.

After posing nude for ESPN The Magazine's "Body Issue" and partying at events for the issue and the ESPYs (Gronkowski was up for two awards but was shut out), and co-hosting "Access Hollywood Live" in recent days — things that seem un-Patriot-like — don't be surprised if he lays low for the next couple of weeks.

Via a league source, Gronkowski has been told by the team that his summer of Gronk, so to speak, is over.

On behalf of everyone, I say this to the Patriots: Booooooooo.

Through his many Gronktacular activities over the last year, no one's ever accused the man of not being dedicated to his job. No one's ever said he doesn't work hard, and we know he stays in shape because he is compulsively shirtless (and now branching out into pantsless).

I'm sure that by the time training camp rolled around, Gronkowski's priorities would've been in the right place. I trust him to make that judgment.

Also, isn't it a little bold for Robert Kraft to be playing the "let's tone it down" card right now?

I say we need more Gronks out there (not literally, of course ‒ there are already plenty). I don't even mean that we need more shirtless party boys who are shocked by virginity and unencumbered with self-awareness. I think we need more athletes willing to be themselves in public. That's the real gift of Gronk. That's what he gives us that so few athletes are willing to give. Don't take that from us, Patriots.

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