Report: MetLife to pay $400 million to name New Meadowlands

Chris Chase

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The New Meadowlands are about to become the old New Meadowlands.

Insurance giant MetLife is set to sign a deal worth up to $400 million over the next 20 years with the New York Giants and New York for naming rights to the 1-year-old stadium. The home for New York's two football teams and the 2014 Super Bowl would be known as MetLife Stadium.

Sports Business Journal first reported rumblings of a deal in June. The New York Post said Friday that it's all but a done deal and will be announced next week at a high-profile ceremony in Manhattan.

As far as corporate stadium names go, MetLife Stadium has a decent ring to it. In other words, it's not Coliseum or Sports Authority Field at Mile High or University of Phoenix Stadium. It's more along the lines of Reliant Stadium or Heinz Field in that it rolls off the tongue naturally even though MetLife sort of sounds like a rap song Bobby Bonilla would have performed in 1993.

Plus, the advertising connection between MetLife and Charles Schulz's Peanuts characters will give the front page editors of the Post and Daily News endless material with which to work. Imagine Rex Ryan as the honking teacher nobody listens to or Eli Manning as Linus carrying around a security blanket. It's too bad Snoop Minnis still isn't in the NFL.

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