Report: Man accuses Marvin Harrison of hiring a gunman

If you've been waiting for the right time to accuse an NFL player of a heinous crime, might I suggest right now? Everyone else is doing it.

A man named Dwight Dixon (pictured) took seven bullets in the chest, stomach and arm, and then told police that former Colts wide receiver Marvin Harrison had ordered the shooting, according to the Philadelphia Daily News.

If a story involving Harrison, Dixon and bullets sounds familiar to you, it's because Dixon was shot in April of last year (Dixon seems to get shot a lot) in a case where Harrison's gun was used. Police did talk to Harrison, but he was never arrested or charged, and a shooter never was identified.

The Daily News also quotes a source as saying that Harrison isn't a suspect, and there's no evidence connecting him to the shooting. Dixon has yet to wake up from surgery performed on his remarkably bullet-resistant body. Here's wishing him the best possible recovery that a person can have from being shot seven times.

As for Harrison, he's just hanging out at the moment, waiting for the phone to ring. Rumors have popped up every now and then that various teams are interested (Baltimore, Minnesota, Tampa Bay, Philadelphia), but nothing's happened.

I'm going to go have a cup of tea and think about which NFL player I'm going to accuse of searing my flesh with a hot branding iron. I've got it narrowed down to Steve Heiden(notes), Larry Johnson(notes), Sabby Piscitelli(notes) or Rex Grossman(notes). It's so hard to choose. All the good targets have been taken.

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