Report: Jimmy Johnson is going to be on 'Survivor'

Jimmy Johnson survived five years with both the University of Miami and Dallas Cowboys. Thirty-nine days of roughing it in the jungle should be a breeze.

The Dallas Morning News reports that the 67-year-old ex-coach is in Nicaragua competing in the 21st season of the CBS reality show "Survivor." Neither CBS nor FOX has confirmed Johnson's participation in the show.

The two-time Super Bowl-winning coach was supposed to be on the fall 2009 season of the CBS reality hit, but a physical revealed some blocked arteries near his heart and he didn't receive medical clearance. He told the Miami Herald at the time that he worked out the logistics of appearing on both FOX and CBS programs, and that he was a huge fan of "Survivor."

Johnson is well suited for the game. Surviving in the wilderness? The man coached for five years at The U. Surely Luther Campbell is more dangerous than anything Jimmy will see out in the Nicaraguan wilderness. Lack of food? He's probably used to that; there couldn't have been much around when Nate Newton and Leon Lett were roaming around the Cowboys practice facility. Annoying tribemates? They'll be but a respite from Terry Bradshaw. Sunburn? Please, the man has a perfect tan in the dead of winter. And what's tribal council after you've been fired by Jerry Jones following a Super Bowl victory?

The biggest problem for Jimmy Johnson is that he's Jimmy Johnson. He'll be recognized by his tribemates and will likely be voted out quickly because they'll be threatened by his fame, charm and former occupation. Former Cowboys quarterback Gary Hogeboom went on the show a few years ago and told people he had a regular job, but Johnson is too high profile to pull that off. If he somehow advances through the merge (yes, I love me some "Survivor"), Johnson could go deep in the game because his competitors will know there's no way the jury will award one million dollars to a guy who's already a millionaire.

I'm guessing it won't get that far and he'll be voted off by week four. That might not be a bad thing since I'm pretty sure they don't allow contestants to bring hair care products to the jungle.

It would be a shame if Johnson is voted off early, because he always makes for good television. And, obviously, he'd be a great tribal leader. If Jimmy can massage the ego of Michael Irvin and keep both Troy Aikman and Emmitt Smith happy, surely he can get Ashleigh, the pharmaceutical sales rep from Piscataway, to execute at a reward challenge.

"Survivor: Nicaragua" will air this fall on CBS.

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