Report: Colts would part ways with Dwight Freeney, too

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The Indianapolis Colts are keen on the idea of shedding pretty much everything that ties them to the success they've had over the last decade, evidently. Adam Schefter reports that they're listening to trade offers for defensive anchor Dwight Freeney, too.

It's not that they're dying to unload him, but he's got a massive salary cap number this season. Here's more from Schefter.

The Colts do not necessarily want to part ways with Freeney, but they need the salary-cap space and Freeney has a $19 million cap number this season and is unwilling to restructure his contract, according to sources.

The Colts are now open to trading Freeney but will only do it for what they consider the right price.

If Freeney won't restructure his deal (and maybe he would for another team, but isn't so eager to do so for the Colts, who are miles and miles away from contending for a Super Bowl), I don't know if there'll be a long list of interested teams.

Room can always be cleared of course, but right now, there aren't even a lot of teams that even have $19 million in cap space. And if the Colts are looking for a high draft pick in exchange for the privilege of tying up so much cap space in one 32-year-old defensive end, it's hard to imagine they'll have many takers.

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