Report: Buccaneers quarterback Josh Freeman will seek trade

Anwar S Richardson
Shutdown Corner

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Josh Freeman coach Greg Schiano seemingly have a bad relationship. However, it appears things will get uglier very soon.

According to reporter Jason LaCanfora, Freeman will seek a trade before next month’s trade deadline. LaCanfora's report comes after Schiano confirmed to reporters this past week that Freeman did not attend a team photo shoot and had “been late for things before."

Here is what LaCanfora wrote:

Furthermore, several executives on other clubs believe Schiano's refusal to ever really endorse Freeman is an attempt to undermine general manager Mark Dominik, who drafted Freeman in the first round prior to Schiano's arrival from Rutgers and who has also worked diligently to add talent to that roster in recent years. Many around the league believe Schiano would like to have full roster control as well, viewing Freeman -- who threw for over 4,000 yards and nearly 30 touchdowns last year -- as a pawn in a would-be power struggle.

It does not appear things will get better anytime soon between both men, and it is easy to understand Freeman’s frustrations.

Most coaches do not reveal what goes on behind closed doors, but Schiano's willingness to discuss Freeman's problems shows they do not have a good relationship. Schiano drafted quarterback Mike Glennon this offseason to possibly replace Freeman. Even though Schiano endorsed Freeman as his starting quarterback, it showed the coach was grooming somebody else to take the incumbent’s position.

In addition, there have been conflicting reports about what occurred during a recent players-only meeting. reported the meeting occurred to discuss the legitimacy of the vote that resulted in Freeman not being named a captain this season.

However, Bucs coach Greg Schiano told said. “That story is 100 percent inaccurate” on Wednesday.

Freeman will likely be asked about LaConfora’s report after today’s home game against the New Orleans Saints, and probably deny it. He will likely try to avoid making a bad situation worse by disclosing private discussions with his agent.

Even if Freeman stays, this tense situation in Tampa is getting uglier.

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