Reggie Bush's rough week is capped with a serious injury

Reggie Bush's(notes) week started with his forfeiture of the Heisman trophy -- which, keep in mind, is in no way an admission of guilt -- and ended Monday night with him being carted off the field.

ESPN's Colleen Dominguez reports that Bush will miss at least six weeks with an injury to the "back of his right leg." Here's the play:

The silver lining for Bush is that his Saints did get a win Monday night. At least there's that to soften the sting of the injury and the Heisman mess.

Still, it's probably been a rough week for the guy. One got the feeling that the injury might be serious when his attempt to walk off under his own power failed.

"It hurt like hell," he said. "When I got back up and tried to walk on it, it felt terrible. That's all I can say."

To that point, the 49ers didn't allow Bush (or anyone else) a lot of running room, but he was a serious weapon in the Saints' screen game. In fact, Monday night, the Saints' screen game sort of was their offense. Before getting the free cart ride, Bush had caught four balls for 30 yards and a touchdown.

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