RedZone Recap: See all 81 touchdowns from Sunday’s gameday action

Once again, and for the last time in the 2012 regular season (sad trombone), our friends from and the RedZone Channel (as always, the most addictive legal substance on Earth) have presented every single touchdown scored in Sunday's gameday action. And with 84 scores in this week -- even before Sunday night's go-around between the Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins -- we've got the most touchdowns in the four-year history of RedZone. So, get ready for extra time!

In this week's video, there are 47 passing touchdowns, 24 rushing touchdowns, and 10 TDs by way of defense and special teams. You'll see all five passing touchdowns from Eli Manning in the New York Giants' 42-7 beatdown of the Philadelphia Eagles, as well as the four TD passes each thrown by Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees ... in losses for their teams. You'll see some very impressive TDs from Eli's big brother, as the Denver Broncos won their 11th straight game and grabbed the number-one seed in the AFC. You'll also see the three touchdowns thrown by Christian Ponder of the Minnesota Vikings, who took a surprise road to the playoffs. Seattle's Russell Wilson threw just one touchdown pass against the St. Louis Rams, but it was good enough to tie Peyton's rookie record for touchdown passes in a season.

On the ground, you'll see five rushing touchdowns from Carolina Panthers running backs -- three from Mike Tolbert, and two from DeAngelo Williams. Stevan Ridley of the New England Patriots was the only other back in the day to carry it in more than once, and his two touchdowns helped the New England Patriots to the AFC's two-seed. Adrian Peterson grabbed one score in his historic day -- he rushed for 199 yards on 34 carries, went over 2,000 yards for the season, and came just nine yards short of Eric Dickerson's single-season yardage record.

Among receivers, you'll see two touchdown catches from San Francisco's Michael Crabtree, including one throw from Colin Kaepernick in which I swear Kaepernick threw a slurve around an Arizona Cardinals cornerback. You'll also see two-touchdown days from Rueben Randle of the Giants, Eric Decker of the Broncos, Marques Colston of the Saints, and Greg Jennings of the Green Bay Packers.

So ... and for the last time this year ... sit back, relax, grab your refreshment of choice, and watch a whole bunch of touchdowns!

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