Redskins send out McNabb-heavy season-ticket letter at the wrong time

It was bad enough that Mike and Kyle Shanahan handled the benching of Donovan McNabb so poorly -- whether he's done or not, no veteran quarterback with multiple Pro Bowls and playoff berths should be jerked around as McNabb has been. But the real embarrassment for the Redskins organization is that the football and marketing arms don't seem to be communicating.

On the very same day that McNabb was benched for the last three games of the 2010 season, a move that virtually assures his non-return to the nation's capital next year, a large number of Redskins fans received a letter welcoming them to the end of the season ticket wait list:

A few thoughts about this:

I'm guessing that few names "finally" made it to the top of the wait-list -- given the dysfunctional handoff from the Vinny Cerrato era to The Shanahans, more and more D.C. sports fans are finding Capitals and Wizards (and even Nationals) tickets to be a better use of their spending cash. As our own Chris Chase told me, "I went on the Redskins season-ticket waiting list when I was 8 years old. I think I was No. 40,000 or something. Now I get calls every year asking me if I want to buy."

The unconscionable disconnect between the way this franchise has treated McNabb and the way it still tries to use his well-earned equity as a star player in the league is pretty disgusting. Not only in this letter, but in the choice to send him out as a captain against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday. The Shanahans may tell you that it's a sign of respect, but I doubt very much either one of them has any idea what that word even means.

Does anyone else find it odd that there is no disclaimer or refund language for potential season-ticket holders in the event of a lockout for even part of the season? How many people might stay away without knowing what that refund policy might be? The league recently announced that policy, but shouldn't people looking to shell out hundreds (maybe thousands) of dollars be made fully aware that they won't be in the hole if the NFL and the NFLPA can't work things out? Yet another example of the Redskins' organization putting the cart before the horse, and firing before they aim.

Oh, and Clinton Portis(notes) is on the tickets. Anyone want to put up the odds Portis will be back in 2011?


H/T: The always awesome D.C. Sports Bog