Redskins selling expired World Cup Budweiser beers at FedEx Field

Shutdown Corner

As if Dan Snyder didn't have enough controversy on his plate — getting leveled in this season's "South Park" premiere and again by the "Daily Show" a day later for his insistence on keeping a racially charged mascot — the Washington Redskins owner is washing down that crow with expired World Cup beer.

In a nifty piece of investigative journalism by The Washington Post's Dan Steinberg, we learned the Redskins are indeed still selling the since expired Budweisers at FedEx Field.

As Steinberg notes upon plugging the fan's almost four-month-old code into Budweiser's "Track Your Bud" website, the "Bud has passed its freshness date" — a warning that is accompanied by the brewmaster's promise to "buy you a fresh Budweiser. Please contact us."

Cue emails from bitter beer-faced fans still hungover from a 45-14 loss to the New York Giants.

This isn't the first time the Redskins hawked old concessions, since — as Steinberg again notes — the team once sold peanuts from an out-of-business airline. Daniel Snyder, forever antiquated.

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