The Redskins run the worst trick play anyone's ever seen

The play you are about to see actually happened last night. It might look more like the random, senseless motions on one of those old, buzzing, electric football games, but I assure you, this was real.

The Washington Redskins were being beaten soundly by the New York Giants last night, and had a chance to get on the scoreboard just before halftime. Head coach Jim Zorn opted against the field goal, and instead ran this "trick play." I guess it sort of worked, because it did catch everyone by surprise, but only in the sense that no one ever dreamed it was possible to execute a play that failed this colossally.

(Click photo for popup video player.)

From what I can tell, the plan was this: Snap the ball to the punter, let three defensive linemen run free at him, then have him heave the ball aimlessly into a group of six New York Giants as he gets drilled into the turf and hope that somehow results in a Redskins touchdown.

It did not. In fact, it almost resulted in a Giants touchdown. The only blessing for the Redskins is that their overall performance last night was so embarrassing that it almost overshadowed this massive train wreck of a play.

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