Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III blasts his critics on Facebook

Anwar S Richardson
Shutdown Corner

Some people view Facebook as a place to send those annoying FarmVille requests. Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III sees it as a great way to get things off his chest.

Griffin changed his cover photo on Friday to an action shot of him diving with a football. It is a great picture, and definitely one worth being prominently displayed on Facebook. Heck, it beats the ridiculous self-portrait of your friend in front of the bathroom mirror.

However, Griffin felt the need to explain why he was wearing a sleeve in the picture. That resulted in a head-scratching rant by Griffin as the quarterback addressed his critics.

Mr. Griffin, tell us how you really feel.

There are not any comments above Griffin’s to indicate what prompted him to go off. Griffin could have deleted the previous comments or decided to make a preemptive move and voice his opinion. Either way, he definitely got his message across.

Griffin is just one of many athletes who have found it necessary to defend themselves through social media. It is hard for athletes to ignore the constant, and often vulgar, criticism they receive through Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. You cannot blame Griffin for getting just a little annoyed, but he is fighting a losing battle.

If a person is irrational enough to leave a negative comment, they are likely not rational enough to change their opinion after the athlete responds. It usually leads to a pointless battle of words, which is a waste of time.

Since Griffin got everything off his chest, maybe those FarmVille requests will not seem so bad anymore.

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