Redskins’ official Twitter feed doesn’t like the Tim Tebow trade

Chris Chase
Shutdown Corner

Like most of Denver, Manhattan and the Western Hemisphere, the Washington Redskins' official Twitter account doesn't like the trade of Tim Tebow to the New York Jets. Unlike those other interested parties, the Washington Redskins' official Twitter account has no room to talk.

This message was tweeted by the @Redskins account in the hours after Tebow's trade from the Denver Broncos was announced.

My, if that isn't the bot calling the kettle black. Anyone affiliated with the Redskins, be it an owner or the keeper of the team's website, should realize the irony involved in criticizing a team trying to shoehorn a big star into its roster by virtue of a lopsided trade. That's like Sean Payton writing a tweet criticizing -- well, anyone at this point.

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