Redskins legends Art Monk, Darrell Green say team name change should be ‘seriously considered’

The name of the Washington Redskins continues to provoke discussion. And while supporters of the Redskins name continue to point to the team's history and tradition as a major reason for keeping the name, what happens when two of the most famous figures in that history start questioning the name?

Art Monk and Darrell Green, NFL Hall of Famers and Redskins legends, spoke to a local D.C. radio station and aired the possibility that it's time to take another look at the name.

"[If] Native Americans feel like Redskins or the Chiefs or [another] name is offensive to them, then who are we to say to them 'No, it's not'?" Monk said, adding that a name change should be "seriously considered."

"It deserves and warrants conversation because somebody is saying, 'Hey, this offends me,'" Green added.

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The two team legends were talking to radio station WTOP when the topic arose. But both acknowledged that changing the team name would be difficult and expensive.

Team owner Dan Snyder has vowed never to change the name, even in the face of a message from 10 members of Congress urging him to do so. In response to Congress, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell wrote a letter defending the name as "a unifying force that stands for strength, courage, pride and respect."

Monk played on three Super Bowl-winning teams for the Redskins; Green played on two. Monk set an NFL record with 106 catches in a season, while Green is one of the finest cornerbacks in NFL history.

Of course, they're not the only Redskins legends weighing in on the issue. As the Washington Post's Sports Bog notes, Joe Theismann has said, "I was very proud to play for the Washington Redskins, and I did it to honor Native people in that regard." And Jeff Bostic has said, "Show me how the representation of the name Redskins in the WASHINGTON Redskins has ANY negative connotation."

Redskins fans, like it or not, this topic isn't going away.

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