Is the Redskins job a step forward for Steve Spagnuolo?

Most assistant coaches in the NFL want to someday be head coaches. It's the natural progression of things. But there are those who wonder if Steve Spagnuolo going from Giants defensive coordinator to Redskins head coach would be akin to the top software developer at Microsoft leaving to be the CEO of an underground Haitian porno website.

The Redskins job should be one of the best in the NFL. They've got a storied history and a fanbase that's so passionate it borders on delusional. But if you work for Dan Snyder, the amount of control you have on a day-to-day basis varies on Snyder's whim. He's already picked your coordinators, he'll be sticking you with the most expensive (though not necessarily the best) free agents out there, and you'll probably be fired as soon as another big shiny name surfaces.

From Sally Jenkins in today's Washington Post (emphasis on Washington, just to note that this is not a Giants homer trying to keep the coach around):

It's a bitter shame to say this, given how much it surely pains local fans, but the truth is that Redskins Park is no place for someone with a bright future. It's too dark and dysfunctional. The phrase "coach killer" comes to mind. No good one, except possibly Joe Gibbs, has had a decent experience under Snyder, not Norv Turner, Marty Schottenheimer, Steve Spurrier, Al Saunders or Gregg Williams. Which is why the only people who seem to be realistically entertaining the job now are either those desperate to get back in the game, such as Jim Fassel and Steve Mariucci, or climbers looking for their first head coaching office.

Just something to think about, Coach Spagnuolo.

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