Redskins and Haynesworth hate each other, chapters 107-112

We're coming up on Week 14 now, and the Redskins and Albert Haynesworth(notes) appear to have the exact same relationship they had around the start of the season: whiny, petulant, dumb and of absolutely no benefit to anyone. Tremendous problem solvers, those Redskins.

To briefly recap the events of Sunday and Monday:

• Haynesworth was benched for Sunday's game against the Giants after, according to the team, missing a practice Thursday and not practicing Friday due to illness.
Haynesworth denies reports that he was "hung over" on Friday.
• Teammate Philip Daniels emotionally called Haynesworth out on Monday.
Haynesworth says he's mad, leveled the vicious accusation that there are "haters" in the Redskins organization, said he's no good in the 3-4 defense and that if he could play the 4-3, he'd be the greatest of all-time.
• Blah blah blah blah blah.

Nothing anyone says about it really matters, because it's been the same nonsense for months now. What I find amazing about the whole situation is that no one involved has done anything to resolve it. The Redskins are unhappy with Haynesworth, Haynesworth is unhappy with the Redskins, both sides are suffering because of it, and still, everyone just keeps doing the same thing over and over again.

You'd think someone would change something. Maybe Haynesworth could quit bellyaching and, you know, try. Failing that, maybe the Redskins could eliminate the distraction, deactivate Haynesworth and send him home, Keyshawn Johnson(notes)-in-2003 style. At the very least, someone could have the decency to fake an injury and go on IR.

But no. Both sides continue to sit there and say, "Nah, we're good." Meanwhile, the Redskins have slid out of playoff contention while they give up an average of 397 yards per game, worst in the NFL. Maybe they'll figure it out before next year.

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