The Redskins finally get around to considering a free agent

As faithful readers know, I fully expected the Redskins to throw a ridiculous amount of cash at one or many unworthy free agents this off-season. I expected this because that's sort of been the Redskins mantra over the years.

But they didn't, which either signals a new era of fiscal responsibility, or the Raiders simply beat them to it. Maybe they offered Tommy Kelly $49 million, and Javon Walker $54 million, but the Raiders trumped them on both counts. There's no way of knowing.

Or maybe Dan Snyder is saying to fans, "Hey, you got Jim Zorn. What more could you possibly want?"

But it looks like the drought could be ending, though. Former Seattle wide receiver (perhaps the best remaining free agent, and a possible steal) D.J. Hackett, had dinner with Dan Snyder this week.

Hackett only played in six games during last year's regular season, but when he did play, he was quite effective. In two of those games, he had at least 8 catches and 100 yards. He also lit up the Redskins for six catches and 100 yards in the playoffs.

I don't know what kind of a contract offer he'll get (if any), but be careful, Dan Snyder. I heard the Raiders offered him 4 years, $78 million.

Meet your only FA Visitor: DJ Hackett / Hogs Haven

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