Redskins #21 will be at the Pro Bowl

The NFL deserves a patronizing pat on the head this morning for allowing a little bit of flexibility in their normally unreasonably rigid uniform rules. Redskins Pro Bowlers Chris Cooley and Chris Samuels will be allowed to wear Taylor's #21 at the Pro Bowl on February 10th.

Taylor, of course, was voted posthumously to the Pro Bowl by coaches, players, and fans. It's a nice gesture from Cooley and Samuels to see to it that the #21 will be represented in Honolulu, and I can only hope that they'll represent Taylor with the same dignity, decorum, and class as the people in the beginning of the first video here.

Of course, if you want to honor Sean Taylor in the Pro Bowl, there's always another way of going about it ... you can go out there and decapitate a punter.

• Pro Bowl Redskins to wear jersey No. 21 to honor Sean Taylor / Yahoo! Sports
• Sean Taylor LEVELS a punter / YouTube

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