The best and worst from the New England Patriots media day session

Chris Chase
Shutdown Corner

The New England Patriots held their Super Bowl media day session on Tuesday morning. Shutdown Corner has an instant recap based on NFL Network's live coverage of the event. Check back later in the day for Doug Farrar's thoughts from Indianapolis.

• Like Helen Thomas in a $2,000, six-buttoned suit, Deion Sanders had the prestigious honor of asking the first question to Tom Brady at media day. He asked how Brady's fifth Super Bowl was different than the other four. Like a seasoned veteran, Brady responded with a cliche about how every game is a different experience.

• Bill Belichick answered the same question from Deion with that exact phrasing.

• Brady said he told injured tight end Rob Gronkowski to write "Mom, I love you," on his ankle during Sunday's game. RULE BREAKER! The quarterback figured the message would get out since it will be photographed hundreds of times.

• Sagacious medical advice was provided during NFL Network's broadcast, courtesy Drs. Marshall Faulk and Warren Sapp. The Julliard-trained physicians provided in-depth medical analysis of Rob Gronkowski's ankle. Sapp believes Gronk should have been wearing a compression wrap. Faulk concurred.

• NFLN showed interviews with Brady, Gronkowski, Belichick, Wes Welker, Vince Wilfork and Chad Ochocinco. What, you were expecting Sergio Brown?

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Most depressing sight:

Chad Ochocinco, not at a podium, getting interviewed next to little-used defensive back Nate Jones.

Most depressing quote:

"What do I need a podium for? I got 3 million followers on Twitter. That's my podium." - Ochocinco to Deion, who was trying to turn Ochocinco's lack of podium invitation into an international incident.

Most Deion-centric Deion Sanders question:

"What do I always say about you on NFL Network?" -- Deion to Wes Welker. Welker guessed that Deion said he was tough. The answer was "I love me some Wes Welker."

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Hard-hitting questions:

"The boot. Is the fact that it's not there a sign of improvement?" -- NFLN's Lindsay Soto to Gronkowski. The tight end laughed before composing himself and responding that, yes, not having a huge walking boot on his foot was better than having a huge walking boot on his foot.

"What do you do with all your Super Bowl rings? Do you have one as a toe ring?" -- Unidentified ONN reporter to Tom Brady, delivered while standing next to Maurice Jones-Drew.

Most honest answers:

"They're gonna have to." -- Welker when asked whether the Patriots would have to pay him after he has a big game in the Super Bowl.

"When you work for Bill Belichick, there's only one cook in the kitchen. And we're all just dishwashers." -- Offensive coordinator and new Penn State head coach Bill O'Brien.

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By the numbers:

59 -- Number of times Deion Sanders referred to himself in the first person

1 -- Fan sitting in the front row eating nachos at 9:40 a.m. ET

3 -- Televised Deion hugs

4 -- Close-ups of Rob Gronkowski's socks

3 -- Number of times during the 60-second clip shown on NFL Network that Bill Belichick responded to a question with a one-sentence response

7 -- More minutes that NFLN devoted to Ochocinco than Ochocinco will likely play on Sunday

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