For some reason, LeSean McCoy sends out a disparaging tweet about Knowshon Moreno

There have been player feuds in the NFL before, but usually it's easy to figure out the reason the two men don't like each other.

Then you have something like Eagles running back LeSean McCoy lashing out at Broncos running back Knowshon Moreno for no apparent reason.


There's no obvious root of this feud. McCoy and Moreno don't play on rival NFL teams, they didn't go to rival colleges (Pitt for McCoy, Georgia for Moreno) or grow up that close to each other (McCoy is from Pennsylvania, Moreno is from New Jersey). McCoy might still be upset that in the 2009 draft he went 41 picks after Moreno, who went 12th overall in a stroke of genius by then-Broncos coach Josh McDaniels. Who really knows.

McCoy might have been factually correct had he tweeted that about Moreno before about the middle of last season, but Moreno has saved his career and become a competent back in a good Broncos offense. Unfortunately, Moreno didn't escalate the war of words that much when he responded.

This is one of the weirdest battles we can remember. Hopefully someone figures out why McCoy is so mad.

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