The real reason for Chicago's sack trouble? No pink!

Sometimes, it's just better to join in with the crowd, no matter how ridiculous you may look. This ode to conformity has been brought to you by the National Football League, which had everyone wearing pink on Sunday to promote awareness of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Individual teams will be doing specific things to further the cause, but the pink additions to attire -- mostly gloves and shoes on the field -- were more of a collective statement. And we know how the league reacts to anyone who falls out of step with whatever uniform code it's enforcing at any given time.

In one case, the NFL can thank Deputy Warren Sapp(notes), who pointed out an interesting karmic twist of fate. Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler(notes) was wearing no pink on his uniform, and he was sacked nine times in the first half of the "Sunday Night Football" game against the New York Giants before he was removed from the game with a concussion. On the evening, Cutler had one more sack than he did pass completions. Clearly, something else was going on here.

Sapp called him out, via Twitter:

Jay Cutler Ain't Have No Pink On 2night!!! #Karma? #ShowYourSupportless than a minute ago via ÜberTwitter

After I saw Sapp's Tweet, I then noticed that none of the Bears offensive linemen were wearing pink, either. You can see this when Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora(notes) takes Cutler down early in the first quarter.

Perhaps the most embarrassing part of this whole thing is the extent to which the Bears organization has bought into the awareness drive. From the above-linked page:

Special "Real Bears Fans Wear Pink" t-shirts have generated $80,000 in sales. Proceeds support breast cancer research and treatment programs in Chicago area. The Bears also honored a breast cancer survivor and worked with ZTA to pass out pink ribbons during the Sept. 28 game.

That's your reality check, Mr. Cutler and the Alleged Chicago Bears Offensive Linemen. When it's time to help out, get with the program. If you don't, you may incur karmic debt in ways you never imagined!

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