Are you ready for the Shutdown Corner Opening Night Chat?

Well, we are! Come join me and buddies Scott Pianowski and Andy Behrens from Roto Arcade (you've been reading their "Juggernaut" articles, of course), plus a special guest or two, for the first official Shutdown Corner Game Chat of the 2010 season.

We'll be talking about all angles of the Vikings-Saints opener, and we promise to mention Brett Favre(notes) only 3,912,450 times, which is 49,123,093,325 fewer times than you'll hear it anywhere else. And unlike other outlets, we're going to try and remember that the Saints are coming into this game as Super Bowl Champions. Sound like fun? Well, it is! Here are some NFL greats who can testify to the healing powers and strong karmic payoff one can experience as a result of SC game chats:

"Before I participated in my first Shutdown Corner Game Chat, I was just another defensive coordinator with no media savvy whatsoever. Now, I'm the head coach of the New York $%^&**&^% Jets, I'm a (*&^%^& TV star, and I can have all the )^%$^&*()_(* snacks I want!"
"While I respectfully disagree with some of the more flippant dialogue that occurs during these ‘Game Chats', I must admit that they seem, on the surface, to be acceptable examples of relatively harmless fun. I will be monitoring tonight's chat, however, and will be filing a full report with the National Football League on the morrow should anything offend my delicate sensibilities."
"As a professional Shutdown Corner myself, I heartily endorse these live chats, especially when these guys recount my ability to turn any elite receiver into a practice squad lookalike. Like the receiver in the picture below. I forget his name ..."
"The Shutdown Corner Game Chat is straight cash, homey!"

Are you ready for some football? Yeah, us too. Join us a little before 8:30 ET as we go live with what should be a thrilling NFC Championship Game rematch. The stars! The great plays! The totally bogus roughing-the-passer calls! Football is back, kids!