Ready for some football? NFL's preseason schedule release is big news

Behold the power of the NFL: The NHL and NBA are in the final stretch before the playoffs, the Masters tees off on Thursday, Major League Baseball is in full swing, college basketball crowned a champion this week ... and everyone is buzzing about the release of the NFL's preseason schedule.

No, no, not the real schedule, with games that count. The preseason schedule.

As someone who is on record as saying the NFL preseason is the biggest scam in sports, with owners refusing to do the right thing and cut two games from the bloated exhibition season because they want to squeeze the fans for every dollar they can, it's not an unofficial holiday for me. But so be it. On Twitter, shortly after the schedule was released, "Wk 1" was the top non-promoted trending topic due to people posting about their team's August schedule. I kid you not.

The regular-season schedule should be out this month, and that'll be a real moment for excitement, seeing the matchups that matter slotted into fall dates. And if you are one of those so desperate for football you're frothing over the prseason schedule (and really, it's hard to blame you for getting excited about any news of football games), here's the full preseason slate from

NY Giants vs. Buffalo (NBC)

WEEK 1 (Aug. 7-10)
Buffalo at Carolina
Cincinnati at Kansas City
Cleveland at Detroit
Dallas at San Diego
Green Bay at Tennessee
Houston at Arizona
Indianapolis at NY Jets
Miami at Atlanta
New England at Washington
New Orleans at St. Louis
Oakland at Minnesota
Philadelphia at Chicago
Pittsburgh at NY Giants
San Francisco at Baltimore
Seattle at Denver
Tampa Bay at Jacksonville

WEEK 2 (Aug. 14-18)
Jacksonville at Chicago (ESPN, Aug. 14)
Kansas City at Carolina (FOX, Aug. 17)
Cleveland at Washington (ESPN, Aug. 18)
Arizona at Minnesota
Atlanta at Houston
Baltimore at Dallas
Buffalo at Pittsburgh
Denver at San Francisco
Detroit at Oakland
Green Bay at St. Louis
Miami at Tampa Bay
NY Giants at Indianapolis
NY Jets at Cincinnati
Philadelphia at New England
San Diego at Seattle
Tennessee at New Orleans

WEEK 3 (Aug. 21-24)
Oakland at Green Bay (CBS, Aug. 22)
New Orleans at Indianapolis (CBS, Aug. 23)
San Diego at San Francisco (FOX, Aug. 24)
Cincinnati at Arizona (NBC, Aug. 24)
Pittsburgh at Philadelphia
Jacksonville at Detroit
Tennessee at Atlanta
Chicago at Seattle
Tampa Bay at Buffalo
Dallas at Miami
Carolina at New England
NY Giants at NY Jets
Washington at Baltimore
St. Louis at Cleveland
Houston at Denver
Minnesota at Kansas City

WEEK 4 (Aug. 28)
Arizona at San Diego
Atlanta at Jacksonville
Baltimore at New Orleans
Carolina at Pittsburgh
Chicago at Cleveland
Denver at Dallas
Detroit at Buffalo
Indianapolis at Cincinnati
Kansas City at Green Bay
Minnesota at Tennessee
New England at NY Giants
NY Jets at Philadelphia
San Francisco at Houston
Seattle at Oakland
St. Louis at Miami
Washington at Tampa Bay

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