Ravens rub it in, as they run a fake field goal for a touchdown with a 24-point lead

The Raiders-Ravens game started to get a little chippy in the second half as Baltimore opened up a huge lead. The Raiders took their fourth personal foul penalty of the game on a late hit on Ray Rice. Oakland cornerback Joselio Hanson decided being down 24 points was the right time to start a trash-talking war with Anquan Boldin.

Maybe that led to John Harbaugh's decision to call a fake field goal despite leading 41-17 in the third quarter.

Ravens punter Sam Koch took the snap, rose up and ran off left tackle into the end zone for an easy score. There was really no great reason to believe Oakland was coming back from 27 points down had the Ravens taken the short field goal, so the fake certainly looked like Harbaugh was trying to rub it in a little bit.

Whatever the reason, there won't be many more embarrassing moments for the Raiders this season than a punter running for a touchdown and spiking the ball in the end zone, as Koch did when the Ravens grabbed a 31-point lead.

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