Ravens QB Joe Flacco says Ray Lewis ‘knows better’ after former teammate questions team’s leadership

Anwar S Richardson
Shutdown Corner

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco previously said he did not understand 90 percent of Ray Lewis’ pregame speeches. It appears Flacco is not a fan of Lewis’ viewpoints as an ESPN analyst, either.

Lewis recently discussed former Ravens teammate Jacoby Jones getting hit in the head by a bottle after left tackle Bryant McKinne’s birthday party prior to Monday Night Football. The recently retired linebacker blamed the incident on a lack of leadership since Ed Reed and himself were no longer Ravens players.

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Flacco lumped Lewis’ latest dialogue into the same category as his former teammate’s pregame speeches – pointless.

“It is what it is,” Flacco told The Baltimore Sun. “Ray knows better than that. Things happen. I think we’re usually a pretty good team with stuff like that. If you look around the league, there are probably a lot of leadership problems then. Like I said, Ray knows better.”

Flacco has a right to be annoyed.

Jones was hit in the bottle by a stripper named “Sweet Pea." He was not doing anything illegal, and Jones did not end up in handcuffs at the end of the night. In fact, nobody was arrested, and Jones’ evening sounds like basis of another “The Hangover” movie than an indictment of Baltimore's leadership.

However, Lewis believed more should have been done.

“When you think about the Baltimore Ravens and the transition that they went through, they're missing leadership right now,” Lewis said c/o The Baltimore Sun. “When you have an incident like that, the first thing a leader is going to do is find some way to dissolve everything that's going on and actually dissolve it before it comes to that type of head or even gets to that point. When you talk about the Baltimore Ravens they're going to have to refocus and find some quick leaders in that locker room very quickly.”

Well, Flacco is Baltimore’s leader now. And like a good leader, Flacco did not back down from an outsider criticizing his team, even if that person was Lewis.

“Ray is one of them for a couple of minutes a week now,” Flacco told The Baltimore Sun. “It is what it is.”

The only difference is Flacco can finally ignore Lewis.

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