Randy Moss very nearly had Donovan McNabb bursting with glee

A popular theory yesterday (and one I believed myself) was that teams around the league knew Randy Moss was going to re-sign with New England, so they didn't waste their breath trying to lure him into a new jersey. And thus, Moss didn't get any other big offers, and the Patriots were able to snare him at a relative bargain price.

That's now how it went down, though. According to the Boston Herald's John Tomase, Moss did have a bigger offer on the table, and he walked away from it.

Word out of Philadelphia is that the talks actually took place all weekend and at one point the Eagles thought they had Moss locked up, but Moss finally came to the decision that he was more comfortable with the Patriots and didn't want to leave New England.

Well, good for Randy. Anyone who spent any time as a Raider deserves his happiness, so if everything's comfy for him in New England, I'm glad he stayed. For a guy like Moss, who already has a healthy bank account, a few million extra isn't worth risking the loss of a comfortable and stable working environment.

Nothing against Philadelphia, but Randy's shown he can be a pretty sensitive guy, and when things go wrong in Philly, they go wrong quickly and harshly. Ask Donovan McNabb.

Moss turned down more money / The Point After