Rams thinking about a move to get Donovan McNabb?

Andy Reid's already emphatically stated a couple of times that he fully intends for Donovan McNabb(notes) to be the quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles in 2010.

Still, that's done nothing to deter people from believing that McNabb and the Eagles are in some kind of perpetual about-to-be-divorced state. Apparently, even the St. Louis Rams believe that McNabb could be pried out of Philadelphia.

Bryan Burwell, the excellent columnist for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, says that the Rams, in their quest to leap out of the league's basement, have discussed attempting to acquire McNabb.

[...] According to more than one well-informed source, the Rams have had intense internal conversations with the Philadelphia Eagles about a trade for Pro Bowler Donovan McNabb.

The trading period begins next week, and if they can stockpile a few extra high picks (can they get second-round compensation for Alex Barron(notes)?), would they have enough to tempt the Eagles with a high second-round pick to go for McNabb? If so, does that mean they won't pursue a QB with the first pick?

Obviously, nothing is even close to imminent, and McNabb isn't even mentioned until the 12th paragraph in a story about the Rams' broader goal of using this draft and offseason to catapult themselves to respectability.

It's interesting, though. Usually when Donovan McNabb gets tied to another team, it's a good team who might just be a quarterback away from being a contender. The Rams, though, are about an entire roster away from being a contender.

Even if they could put McNabb and Steven Jackson in the same backfield, they'd still pretty much have to get an immediate contributor out of every draft pick, and hit the lottery with a couple of free agent signings. Even if all that happened, they're still probably another year away from being able to contend for an NFC West crown. And it's not like an NFC West crown is the most coveted prize in football these days.

Even if acquiring McNabb is a pipe dream, at least it's a sign that the Rams are desperate to get relevant quickly. It's not much, but at least it's something for Rams fans to believe in.

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